Back to the Pen and Pad

Going back into my zone is truly hard as I have not truly sat down and wrote line after line, rhyme after rhyme, having more angles than a sine or cosine…It is truly something to say that I am finally picking up my pen and pad again. Sometimes that I think that in my attempt to vent with my words, I may need a new outlet than poetry and rap. It is merely a distance thing, despite being away from the flow for so long. Mainly because my flows started to become offensive and the only way to truly dictate my words would have been discussion of my life and its people. In order to keep the flow clean, I retreated from the pen to deal with problems and issues that would prevent me from true expression of emotion. With that in mind, I am currently contemplating writing 8 different pieces of work in the matter of 4 days. So that’s 2 each day. Hopefully it can be pulled off.

Until then…..