AEW Dynamite 1/29/2020 – 15 Things Learned

Jericho and Mox. Nothing more needed.
  1. Chris Jericho has a choir. All of them are Judas.
  2. AEW and WWE are one big storyline.
  3. Patch-Eye Mox learned something about Jericho.
  4. Sometimes you have to put your hands up and swing away like Moxley.
  5. Give me one spine buster.
  6. Jericho is the only one who can use “yo mama” comments and be okay.
  7. He did channel his inner Macho Man with the red velvet jacket.
  8. Swing bats with vengeance, not Hulk Hogan taps.
  9. MJF is so punchable. Like really punchable.
  10. Let your boss fight and watch with popcorn.
  11. Dentists can never be a face. They yank teeth out of them.
  12. As a wrestler, give me a reason to care!
  13. I trimmed this down because it was the highlight and stuck in the draft for a bit. Kinda like the Nyla Rose match.
  14. The Dark Order feels like the Higher Power, with the NWO budget.
  15. How to spear properly? Watch Goldberg for devastation.