A Lot of Wondering

It’s an oldie, but one I needed to post…….

A lot of things can constantly come to mind when a person assumes a lot of roles in life daily. He or she can be a child, a student, a friend, an associate, an inspiration, a servant, a leader, a follower, and….. I think we all see where I’m going with this…

As I assume a lot of roles in my life it makes me think of a lot of things. As a child of God, I wonder if I’m really putting my best foot forward with HIM? As a son, I wonder if the way I live my life reflects my mother’s morals and ideals that were supposedly instilled into my being? As a student, are the sleepless nights and studying actually enough for my success? As a man, am I being typical or establishing my own character?  As an older cousin and brother, do I really set an example worth following to an extent? As a friend, am I being a convenience or inconvenience to the people who I say are the ones I would not trade for anything in the world?

Well this is what makes my mind go left, right, and all around at times.