Big Things Poppin, Little Things Stoppin

T.I. – Big Things Poppin

It’s a true split isn’t it? The thing is that I like how the artist, T.I. portrays himself as two different people, T.I. and T.I.P. I tried to do it today. It’s more of an everyday thing. It’s not two people, just all the attributes, qualities, aspects, emotions, woven into one person. The post I did before this one was basically showing that I know what happens when anger consumes the mind and starts to eat away at the heart. It’s not a good feeling for yourself or anyone else around you. Emotions rub off on others, so being cool about things really helps out.

Being laid-back and chill about life is the way to go about things. There’s no point of showing excessive anger at the things that happen. It’s a double-edged sword. Sure, life’s events must be taken seriously, but it, seriously, must be approached from every angle that can be thought of. Things happen for a reason. Regardless of what they are, there’s always a reason behind life and its mysterious ways.

The concept of things going on great…..the lights always being on bright…..well, a lot of people spend their whole lives searching for that point. People squander, waste the opportunities that others can have, and complain when things go wrong. We, as humans, are not perfect, but certain things and certain mistakes are avoidable.

Since mistakes are avoidable, does it mean to have priority in life? When does one have to put things in front of others, even in front of his or her own feelings? If it’s big, let it pop. If it’s not important or not necessary no point in doing it; so, stop.