Big **** Poppin, Little **** Stoppin

T.I. – Big **** Poppin

Probably gon be the most vulgar post I’ll ever do. I wonder if a lot of people get tired of petty shit. You know, that little ‘he-say, she-say’ shit. All that blackmailin’ shit. That yick-yak, jaw-jack stuff. It’s annoying, real talk. I’m writing this here as I speak it, in all its southern glory, to prove a point.

Personally, I’m at a point in life where, “You can but you can’t, you will but you want, you think I give a fuck about bullshit, but I don’t.” You get tired of the same ol’, same ol’ ever’day. It’s a wayside mentality, a waste of time.

So here’s the point. If it’s important, it’ll happen, if it ain’t, then it’s in the backburner. Life is a pros and cons thing. Gotta weigh it out. All the options, all the decisions, all the twists and turns. Ever’thing got a consequence. If it’s big shit, let it pop. If it’s little shit, let it stop.