4/12/07 – Call it How ya See it

Have you ever seen or something or said some that (in someone else’s opinion) is shown to be either low, foul, or straight cold? Stuff can’t be warm all the time. Sometimes, if something seems cold, it just might be the truth. Truth hurts…sometimes.

Point being, don’t you just hate sugarcoating? No point of beating around the bush or dropping hints. Life is not a damn scavenger hunt. Get to the point about the shit and stop with the ‘dropping hints’. Enough sugarcoating about things, be real. That’s real talk….

In 2 months, life went from livable to downright pointless, crappy, shitty, infuriating, without reason, rationale, logic, or emotion whatsoever. Basically, lame as hell. (now that’s no bullshit, just how it is). It leads to one conclusion: look at life and call it life. Look at people and call them people. Look at bullshit and call it bullshit. Look at the people who start bullshit and call it…….people who start bullshit.

Call it how you see it.