15 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 1/7/15

Destination America…A New Place for the Titanic aka Impact Wrestling?

  1. For returns, let’s do a blackout.
  2. Robbie E wants to be taken seriously, but got taken out by a girl.
  3. The beginning felt like the attempt that TNA did a while back going to Mondays.
  4. Big brawl needs to have a story. Let’s get our authority guy out here to yell!
  5. Reboot? More like crash.
  6. So, why have more swerves than a car with a popped tire?
  7. Robbie E is back and no one cares.
  8. So, who’s the Authority?
  9. Kenny King is TNA’s Seth Rollins.
  10. Awesome Kong and Havok are actually larger than some of the wrestlers.
  11. JB had so much power in that slap that the camera couldn’t focus on it.
  12. How’s the barber school, EC3?
  13. So the International Revolution changes the names of its Revolutionaries? James Storm’s name will be ‘Luck.’
  14. Kenny King…still the cheap shotting punk.
  15. MVP wants his old job back so bad.