Here we go”¦Pardon the WWE RAW dust.

  1. Brock still has more title defenses.
  2. More Shield shirts!! The riot gear budget is shot.
  3. That’s not a cash in, Braun. You’re just challenging.
  4. Baron Corbin, everything you’re doing, Kurt would’ve done in a more entertaining way.
  5. Abuse of power 101. Book a match and remember the stipulation after the loss.
  6. Yes, America, Finn Balor, the Man and Finn Balor, the Demon are the two different people. They just share the same body. See a shrink.
  7. Trish Stratus and Mickie James own the roster of youths. This is tough.
  8. Ronda didn’t get that Brock Lesnar contract. Sorry, chick, you got our strap; therefore, you’re showing up!
  9. I quit, was the highlight of tonight. Yes. Those words. That was all.
  10. Roman Reigns cheer solution 402,420,421: Turn Braun heel. Where’s that drawing board?
  11. I still agree with Corey about Dean and the Infinity Gauntlet.
  12. As long as the Get These Hands shirts keep flying off the shelves, we’re good.
  13. Speak softly and strum that guitar.
  14. Where’s Chris Jericho? Winnipeg, you stupid idiot!
  15. Rust is off after this week.

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