15 Things Learned from Scandal – 11/5/15

Scandal 5×07 – Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance

Liv In Charge

  1. Beyoncé’s Girls song comes to mind.
  2. Jake hates wine.
  3. OPA is a spy business.
  4. Keep your friends close….
  5. People make up charges all the time. It’s called framing.
  6. Jake is on a mission.
  7. Sally, no one likes your America.
  8. Rosen, you know you wanted to climb that tree.
  9. Don’t rub your hands on her back though!
  10. Cyrus, you’re in place, not in charge.
  11. Command? Gone? Nah….
  12. Olivia, accept your powah!
  13. Come clean, because when Fitz finds out….
  14. Mellie coming for that seat!
  15. It’s a book, people.