15 Things Learned from Scandal – 10/8/15

Scandal 5×03 – Paris is Burning

Subtitle – Silence Is Golden

  1. Huck actually erased the Internet. That’s why it took me so long.
  2. Run when the heels come off.
  3. Fitz wants to come clean, regardless of repercussions.
  4. Huck and Quinn are the two kids who try to outdo each other.
  5. Shonda wants Hilary in the oval?
  6. Olivia’s reading this situation like the Encyclopaedia Britannica.
  7. Jake from State Farm is real.
  8. Giving long speeches don’t get jobs.
  9. The freaking Louvre museum…..is less important than who the President goes to bed with at night?
  10. The relationship between Olivia and Fitz when he’s angry can best be described by this video.
  11. When the rug is pulled off, watch the dirt come up.
  12. Have faith in the position.
  13. If Abby says, “it’s handled,” then it’s confirmed.
  14. No popcorn and wine going to save this beat down.
  15. Papa Pope pulled that Frank Underwood from House of Cards. *Looks at camera*  “Did you think I’d forgotten you? Perhaps you hoped I had.”