15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW 8/26/13

I learned..


  1. I will never drive a car to a WWE Event. I’ll park at least 3 miles away each time, that way my car won’t get painted on, hit with a crowbar, filled with cement, crushed by a monster truck, blown up..and other things that WWE did to their rental cars.
  2. Eff the ‘Believe in the Shield’ “BELIEVE IN THE BEARD!”
  3. Triple H’s shovel is larger than the entire WWE Roster.
  4. “What are you doing? Look at me! What are you doing? Shut up!” – Words of Ryback
  5. Brock Lesnar told Curtis Axel to say something stupid.
  6. Orton rehearsed the recovery after the RKO.
  7. A handcuffed CM Punk owns half of the roster with charisma and talent.
  8. AJ owns the Diva’s division.
  9. Bellas…take acting lessons from Daniel Bryan.
  10. Triple H loves nursery rhymes.
  11. Corporate Triple H uses 2006 theme.
  12. Randy’s thoughts when the Escalade pulled up, “Oh shit, I got another ride. Nothing’s gonna go wrong here!”
  13. Hey Fandango, John Morrison called. He wants his pants back.
  14. Triple H is repaying everyone back from that ’11 walkout.
  15. SOMEBODY’S CONTRACT really ain’t Iron Clad…