15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW 8/19/13

Been off for a week, so let’s get to it.


I learned…..

  1. So the best wrestler on the roster can’t be WWE Champ since he’s under 6ft? Wait: Rey Mysterio, HBK? Damn….
  2. Stephanie grades everyone she sleeps with…is Triple H an A or Solid B+?!
  3. All it took for the PrimeTime Players to get a push was for one man to admit his lifestyle?! What happened to talent and ability? These guys should’ve been pushed on charisma and comedy alone!
  4. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both took lessons at ‘IOTM” University. That means, “I Own The Microphone.”
  5. Stephanie, your entire reign as Women’s Champ was uncouth.
  6. A hurt walrus is a still a walrus.
  7. I don’t want to meet Ziggler on a car lot as a salesman. I’d buy a Jaguar.
  8. So, did the McMahon-Helmsley family forgive Orton for making their lives hell a couple of years ago?
  9. The Shield thought they were the weak links
  10. So, we have The new Corporation with their Shield of ‘Justice.’
  11. What are you doing? Read #1 and reread this one. What are you doing? Read it. What are you doing? Stop reading and click. What are you doing? Come back and read this.
  12. Ryback: the official reason for soap on the rope.
  13. Why kick a man out of the building if he is able to get back in it in a mere 2 hours every time. I guess good security is tough to find these days.
  14. CM Punk owns the fans. Boo him and he’ll fight.
  15. Loses title. Smile. Leaves for 4-6 months. Smile. Comes back, wins Rumble and Title. Smile. The life of John Cena.