15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 7/28/14

  1. Jericho missed his name calling that he did in the past on Stephanie.
  2. John Cena…wrestling circles?! All things can happen in 2014.
  3. You guys, this is not an underdog fight for Cena, he beat Lesnar before.
  4. The African American JOB Squad. Old school fans will get this reference.
  5. Jericho is right on the WWE Network reference; however, it will be a while before last week’s show is on the WWE Network.
  6. Careful, Fandango…Summer Rae and Layla getting mileage. They’re smooching everyone!
  7. R-Truth Bo-lieved in Little Jimmy.
  8. The Did You Know segments are known as Get That NETWORK!!!!
  9. Mathematicians are not that strange, unless you’re Stardust!
  10. Cameron, the school of wrestling….go there.
  11. Orton hears more voices now.
  12. Seth Rollins…the only guy who wears full body spandex in real life.
  13. Stephanie went to acting school, but it still doesn’t constitute for the tears.
  14. Bella’s back, but that whole Brie pregnant thing…yeah, that’s not the case.
  15. The word, ‘bitch’, is getting tossed around more than TNA.

Oh yeah, get the WWE Network!