15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 6/30/14

  1. There’s one person glad that Cena is champ. It’s the cameraman. He was tired of that damn running!
  2. WWE 2k15 goes to the 15 time champ who for 15 times had the same theme. Even Rock had variations!
  3. Cameron, everything on Naomi is bigger than you. Ease up.
  4. Fandango, if she’s your ex, why you jealous of the kiss? New girlfriend needs to have a word.
  5. AJ skipped her way to that belt. If I was Naomi, I’d be salty.
  6. When you have to ask if someone misses you, chances are they really did not know you were gone.
  7. Jericho broke the code in Miz’s promo. S2DD – Straight to DVD.
  8. Dean Ambrose is Money In The Bank. Just wait.
  9. Jack Swagger is a good guy?! Wait, it’s because of that flag technique. IT WAS EFFECTIVE!
  10. So, we have a confirmation. Daddy – Triple H. Uncle – Kane. Son – Randy Orton.
  11. Roman Reigns is still on the hunt!
  12. Stardust is trying out finishers.
  13. Miz, don’t believe your own hype. I forgot you were in Wrestlemania.
  14. Kofi’s skills are so epic, he wins matches on apps instead of TV.
  15. Paige, “hypocrite” is a word. You proved it tonight.

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