15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW 6/24/13

  1. I learned that the signs of not being the weak link: OPEN and CLOSE THE SHOW. Congrats Daniel Bryan.
  2. I learned that Vickie Guerrero needs someone on the ‘Be a Star’ campaign to step in for her. She’s being bullied!
  3. I learned that Randy Orton has been replaced with Christian. The Celtic Vipers is now known as the Charismatic Fellas..or Captain Mayo.
  4. I learned that Kaitlyn is burying herself. Please stop it!
  5. I learned that AJ in that outfit looks like a bunch of skin colored balloons blown up…..wait, another blown up balloon showed up, a black one.
  6. I learned that the Wyatt Family is going to kidnap people for WWE’s new Performance Center…’We’re Coming.’
  7. I learned that Ziggler is back. Back to Black Ops.
  8. I learned that The Rock owns WWE, Hollywood, Twitter, Instagram…
  9. I learned that Ryback is still hungry. Sorry, facing Khali doesn’t put you back in the WWE Title Picture
  10. I learned that Paul Heyman told the lie…it’s his truth.
  11. I learned that call outs don’t exist. This Cena/Henry thing would’ve played out better face to face. RATINGS!
  12. I learned that Mark Henry: The new Spokesman for Men’s Warehouse! “I know I look good!”
  13. I learned that Paul loves Punk……..Brock loves Paul…….Curtis is taking it in the ass by all three of them.
  14. I learned that in Vince McMahon’s mind, dedicating an entire segment to unveiling a video game cover makes for great television.
  15. I learned that somebody in WWE still operates under the delusion that Vickie Guerrero is entertaining.