15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 6/23/14

  1. Do not stand in front of the pool.
  2. Cameron, your relevance is low in this. You lost twice.
  3. We gotta wait a whole 6 months to see the 1 who ended the streak.
  4. Titus got everyone Bo-Lieving they Ques.
  5. Randy Orton & Seth Rollins always run to Triple H.
  6. So, the Cena/Kane match last week was pointless. Well, whoever got their rocks off last week in that stretcher match, good job.
  7. Dean Ambrose has two promo modes: With and without the WWE logo on the mic.
  8. Goldust, you’re still crazy. It’s just hereditary.
  9. Seth Rollins wants to flex his pecs. That’s why he got the outfit.
  10. Viva la Vickie!
  11. Stephanie, I see you inherited Vince’s ‘fish out of water’ expression.
  12. Lana, the White House was right down the freaking road! You could’ve gone instead of using a picture.
  13. Stephanie, your entire career has been gross negligence. Check your product.
  14. Bo Dallas’s black eye came from Bo-Lieving that he could be a MMA star.
  15. We were speared to the ending of RAW 1100. Believe in Roman Reigns.