15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 5/25/15

WWE RAW 5/25/15

Pimpin Ain’t Dead

  1. Wasn’t a guy suspended when he punched a cameraman?
  2. Stephanie gets what she needs accomplished on the mic. Everything else is fluff.
  3. Shoving the cameraman? Triple H would’ve just punched him from behind to cause that deception.
  4. Each part of the Rusev/Lana promo can be appended with the phrase, “Between the Sheets.”
  5. New boyfriend takes the girl, gets beat up, and still has the girl.
  6. A king should not lose in his court, unless your last name is Barrett.
  7. Well, after Ryder used the Killswitch, it’s safe to say that Christian is done.
  8. Tag team cluster match? Like cluster…you know the word.
  9. If you can’t beat em, join em.
  10. The city police got YouTube also.
  11. Seth’s finisher will be a Batista Bomb to complete his Evolution.
  12. Ambrose confirmed that this is a circus. Man had to get arrested to get a title shot.
  13. Entourage didn’t read the script. NO MENTION OF RONDA!
  14. So, Roman spears Ambrose at Elimination Chamber?
  15. There could’ve been 10000 Rough Ryders and Cena wasn’t losing tonight.