15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 5/18/15

WWE RAW 5/18/15

All for One and One for Seth

  1. What to do? Ban unevenly from ringside. That’s fair.
  2. Sheamus keeps kissing ass…and it just didn’t work this time.
  3. So, Bo Dallas is not relevant, even when attacking a guy who debut like 3 weeks ago.
  4. Drinking on the job is good for Dean Ambrose.
  5. Finally, Titus and Darren got real TV time!
  6. Prove a point by going after the biggest dog.
  7. Kane is the real architect.
  8. So, threaten to hit someone with a steel chair through cinder blocks…which wouldn’t break anyway and you get a title shot.
  9. We don’t speak Bulgarian or Russian.
  10. Be careful. Remember AJ, Ziggler.
  11. What doghouse is Stardust in?!
  12. Paige wants her house back.
  13. Seth Rollins’s Create-A-Wrestler finisher has been modified to, “The Pedigree.”
  14. It isn’t a New Day.
  15. Sometimes it’s all worth it in the end.