15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 5/11/15

WWE RAW – 5/11/15

Go Home for Payback

  1. Don’t do stuff that the manager won’t do when he’s on vacation.
  2. Seth Rollins needs to realize that the Director of Operations is an ‘executive’ position.
  3. Triple H wants to punch everyone who works on WWE RAW.
  4. Didn’t Brock Lesnar sit at home with his title?
  5. Scrappy Doo and Scrappy Dee got a beatdown.
  6. Rusev…you had all opportunities to answer the challenge.
  7. Despite DQ…Neville has a victory over John Cena.
  8. Randy Orton is in the ‘fun’ part of his career.
  9. Brock Lesnar needs to appear at Payback.
  10. Tamina never had her own entrance.
  11. If he speared him literally over the table and hit the barricade, I’d see the moment for pain.
  12. All people who joked about the Mega Powers 2.0, go repent for your sins.
  13. Apex Predator shows remorse. A Viper just strikes.
  14. Ambrose is getting the WWE RAW treatment. No way he’s winning.
  15. It’s rare for a hometown person to get good treatment, but this is Dean Ambrose.