15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 4/6/15

WWE RAW 4/6/15 – Vacation, Relevance, and Spoiling

  1. Stephanie and Triple H have a vacation weekly. It’s called Wednesday-Sunday.
  2. Kane, I wasn’t there, but I felt more important than you tonight.
  3. JBL, it isn’t an accident. His real name is Adrian Neville.
  4. Stand in the dark and yell, “Fella!!!”
  5. Lotta punching tonight.
  6. Mark Henry will be heel by next week.
  7. Bray has amnesia. He forgot that his face hit the mat at Mania.
  8. Seth has been spoiled on Authority.
  9. The split from Goldust is the ceiling of Stardust.
  10. What hole did Brad Maddox come from?
  11. Raise your hand if you knew Summer Rae was in the movie The Marine 4.
  12. AJ is the mini CM Punk. Play nice or wait for pipebombs.
  13. So, I’m supposed to take flirty bimbos seriously as wrestlers?
  14. Miz/Mizdow got simmered due to that match.
  15. John Cena, your 5 moves of doom have been replaced with the spear and superman punch.