15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 10/28/13

  1. You gained weight and confirmed your Superman Status.
  2. Uncrowned? Well, guess what, you’re dethroned from a throne you never had, Damien.
  3. Everyone knew that Sandow was going to be the 1st person to lose the briefcase. Hell, it even got tossed in the sea.
  4. The Devil is Paul Heyman.
  5. A more symbolic move would be for Bryan to do the Sweet Chin Music to HBK.
  6. Hold mask and look devious…thoughts of Stephanie McMahon.
  7. 6 man tag was a given.
  8. Believe THAT…the Shield is splitting up.
  9. 3MB needs a net on their instruments…even the air ones.
  10. Pins drop each time Del Rio is in the building
  11. Big Show really does have an iron clad contract…it guarantees him shirts and music.
  12. Why is it that everyone has to be out at the ring when Randy Orton is champ? Like we don’t know that he has the title.
  13. HBK channeled that inner heel that was from the 90s.
  14. John Cena is now the troll of WWE…I’m BAAAAAACKKKK!
  15. Take off suit…shake finger..gets held back by a girl..what has The Game come to?