15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW 10/21/13

  1. Well, we know who the breakout stars of The Shield and The Real Americans are.
  2. Yes, Hunter, keep the PDA coming, it’s best for somebody’s business…just not this one.
  3. Big Show got his CD license in Memphis!
  4. Superman returns….so how many times will Del Rio try his submission?
  5. ‘And you’re gone.’ Stephanie, is that the same thing you told Chyna?
  6. Cody is constantly fighting in suits.
  7. There’s no friendly competition between faces anymore. They just stand in the ring awkwardly.
  8. No King wrestling even in Memphis?! Not even a WWE App voting spot. Who did he piss off?
  9. Cesaro. It’s a 20-turn minimum on the Cesaro Swing to get your push.
  10. So, we are regulating the IC TITLE TO KICKOFF?! Well, we know who’s gonna win, unfortunately. Sorry, Big E.
  11. More people saw Hulk Hogan last night than any show of TNA recently.
  12. Live viewing only. The Daniel Bryan/Dean Ambrose match could’ve been done without the commentary.
  13. JBL, before you insult the Big Show, i remember many of times where your man boobs were covered by the WWE Title
  14. Heyman’s new crew only has one entrance and one theme. Ryback, your music got bullied.
  15. Santino….pelvic pumping in an Elvis suit…sorry, Elvis didn’t throw his hips like that when he powerwalked.

AND YES! Here’s a Bonus

5 Thoughts of Shawn Michaels (just because I saw him live)

  1. I wished everyone in this backstage segment was named Stan.
  2. Hunter changed again. Sigh, Hunter’s never been the boss…he just hung around the boss and banged his daughter. Now he’s the boss. Same concept.
  3. I’m jealous of a guy who doesn’t know when too much baby oil is too much, 2x policy suspensions, and hyper shoulders.
  4. I like chaps, so the moment where DX played strip poker forever played in my mind.
  5. Daniel Bryan’s beard will not measure up to the epicness of the HBK beard.