Scandal 4×22 – You Can’t Take Command

Get What Is Owed

  2. Rosen needs to get a stronger stomach for this job.
  3. Put ALL the cards out there!
  4. Mellie, not everyone can wear the black hat.
  5. Do not have a soul.
  6. Do not bite the hand that hit you where it hurts.
  7. Throw a rock to the sleeping lions and watch the biggest lion kill the rest.
  8. Fitz grew up and decided to fly right and fly strong.
  9. Standing in the sun? Living in a box? Or making jam?
  10. Mission complete.
  11. The one who will either bring you back or put you out of your misery when you go off the deep end.
  12. Rosen’s weakness, like many, is a cute little redhead.
  13. Always take a couple of pics.
  14. So, does this make Cyrus Liz’s bitch?
  15. Olivia actually won in the end! What the flying fuck, Shonda?!