15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 3/12/15

Scandal 4×15 – The Testimony of Diego Munoz aka It’s a DAMN PAPER SHREDDER, people!

  1. Diego, silencio! Silencio!!
  2. Kimmy wants her Diego back, but doesn’t know about the morgue dates of Huckleberry Quinn.
  3. There are tools for this. I believe they are called, “Paper shredders.”
  4. Is B-613 even running? Command is fishing.
  5. Dates are strange only to the external viewer.
  6. I can think of a worse Vice President and he was the President..I’d take my chances with Susan.
  7. So, she laughed on TV. At least she didn’t bang anybody out of marriage.
  8.  Remember, don’t be critical. People wind up missing teeth and other parts.
  9. Quinn goes from psycho bad-ass to arguing girlfriend at the whim.
  10. Just like you don’t talk about murder in front of the President, you don’t talk about it in front of the Attorney General.
  11. When did Javi understand his dad killing another man?
  12. Olivia, didn’t you send him away? Now, you’re pushing the, “You went to war for me button?”
  13. Rosen still wants those bad guys.
  14. Claustrophobia is a b*tch.
  15. Leo’s track record sucks! He’s the 2nd best? More like rookie status.