1. Fitz was letting Olivia review his poll.
  2. Mellie has confirmed her abilities exceed many in heel running and smiling, while panicked.
  3. That was a George Bush move, Cyrus. Great dodge.
  4. Olivia, now that you’ve seen the poll, that’s all.
  5. Charlie, you ARE rocking her boat.
  6. Rowan will win against the 300….alone.
  7. Harrison, keep ahold of the gun while using the gun.
  9. When in doubt, blame the Devil.
  10. Boogeyman Salif is coming, Harrison.
  11. Mellie doing damage control…and not cock-blocking with it!
  12. Damn Harrison catching bullets. Oh he knows how to use the heat.
  13. Lauren was the most confused receptionist for a second.
  14. Olivia, you’re downing wine?
  15. James, oh no you didn’t. *snaps z formation*

Quick Bonus!

  1. Command is playing his hand, and no, I’m not talking about Jake.
  2. Andrew is in there since he wanted to be in there with Mellie!