15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 2/19/15

Scandal 4×13 – No More Blood aka Hypocrisy is the Real Gladiator

  1. All it took was sending people to war, not sending a terrorist on a private plane, not banging him all through the oval, but THIS.
  2. People hold the keys to other people.
  3. Who would truly go to war for love?
  4. Olivia….dude pimped slapped you and all you could do is bust a kneecap.
  5. Let the beast breathe, but don’t let it out entirely.
  6. Breakdowns are coming after all the mental stress.
  7. Red is still not in the bubble.
  8. Normalcy is truly overrated.
  9. Fish are unpredictable, but they’re always in water.
  10. Exactly how did the most untouchable man be touched quickly by a chick in jail?
  11. Everyone sex and tells. There’s no privacy.
  12. America has a lot of secrets!
  13. There are worse pains than physical.
  14. If you’re the President, just be the President.
  15. Once a gladiator, always a gladiator.