15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 11/21/13

  1. Mama Pope is straight up cannibalistic….and a hell of a tracker. B613 creator?
  2. Little Huck will get drilled for real now. Big Huck is pissed.
  3. Olivia got the side chick’s dream…chick got a house!
  4. Candace says, “Yes Daddy.” to Harrison. (Shout out to @rebelbelledani)
  5. Congressman Marcus really loves her sister/daughter. Sigh, the integrity would’ve kicked in on that point.
  6. So, will the little baby really play a part in the latter of the season?
  7. James got laid!
  8. The Watergate scandal….really?!
  9. Cyrus…today you have become Mellie.
  10. Lesson for tonight…you CAN hit an artery in the wrist. Please get help if you are considering this pain and torture to anyone or yourself.
  11. Dark liquor makes too much happen. Stay away!
  12. Fitz’s sidebar and delay of conversation tactic: Talk location!
  13. Charlie wants to bang Little Huck…so he’s not going to kill her.
  14. Eli, you got Poped.
  15. Boyfriend is going after the father?! Usually it’s the other way around.