15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 11/14/13

  1. Pope and Associates…the only place where Pope’s mother can be a client.
  2. We all knew she would come back for the phone.
  3. Mellie planned to be in the White House since Day 1.
  4. Little Huck wants to graduate….
  5. Just kiss her and ask her, “Is that what you wanted?”
  6. Michelle Obama would’ve been boxing!
  7. Mellie finally breaking down. She gave everything..even gave Fitz a brother.
  8. Date night…inject someone with M99….or not.
  9. And just like that….Little Huck goes back to school.
  10. We got one dad raping and the other killing…
  11. Shonda topped ‘DAD’ and it isn’t the end of the season yet!
  12. Well, Little Huck just pledged B613.
  13. Rowan Pope…the true puppet master.
  14. There were about a million jaws dropped when mama showed up.
  15. Rewind your DVRs and watch this episode again!!!