15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 10/9/14

Scandal 4×03 – Inside the Bubble aka Cornbread, Side Pieces, and Missing People

  1. #2 will NEVER be #1
  2. Boots aren’t only made for walking.
  3. Not minding your business could cost you some teeth.
  4. In politics you have to have a criminal mind.
  5. Always look fabulous no matter the crime or visiting the white house.
  6. Don’t pay for something that comes for free.
  7. Our government has a whole law system that we know nothing about.
  8. People go missing too often, Quinn. Only Huck cares.
  9. Quinn, you got some southern cooking this season.
  10. Champagne for the circle, Scotch for the direct line to the main chick.
  11. Don’t pull out the bazooka for something that a P11 can handle.
  12. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
  13. Fried chicken can take the edge off of a heartache.
  14. Walking on death’s door and you’ll never know it…..
  15. Jake works at the same job that Tommy Strawn has.

And a huge thank you to the group, Scandal – All Things Olivia Pope!