15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 10/17/13

  1. Huck is on a personal paid day. He’s still working though.
  2. Personal day = 1001 Ways to Kill Olivia’s Dad
  3. Cyrus Beene- Marriage Counselor
  4. Someone has a bomb strapped to their chest and walking towards me, I’ll throw a rock in the air and run!
  5. Olivia, we love you, but don’t disobey the black rule again. Danger goes left, YOU GO RIGHT!
  6. Blue 32! Green-21! Hut! The President CAN get tackled. Obama would’ve tried to juke him!
  7. Baby Huck fits in, but she can’t hack the FBI!
  8. The President may have his hand on the sniper’s trigger, but Olivia has her hand on HIS trigger.
  9. Rosen has his white hat hammered to his skull, but still wants dinner.
  10. Mellie is that hot drunk.
  11. Command is Command. He commands all. He even commanded this post.
  12. Rowan OWNS everyone, even the President. Just wait for it.
  13. I’m crosschecking every cop and every FBI agent.
  14. Harrison, you’re a gladiator, but you’re not that great with media.
  15. Bomb recipes on the internet…of course!