15 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 10/8 & 10/15

Sorry good people, I have to catchup on this. Here’s 15 from the last 2 episodes of Impact Wrestling.

  1. Ethan, 71 degrees is cool.
  2. So, Ethan Carter can fire people?
  3. This is a Revolution that we don’t know if it deserves to be televised.
  4. Havok is wreaking havoc.
  5. #1 contender for a title and the champion comes in. Don’t build a match, just run.
  6. The Main Event Playa is on Impact Wrestling…but is a lackey to a mid-CARTER.
  7. When in doubt, chokeslam!
  8. Everyone wants funky weird effects in their videos.
  9. TNA is changing their letters….NXT.
  10. Technically Roode won his match on 10/8…so he’s #1 contender.
  11. Careful, Matt, that twist of fate looked a bit RKO-ish.
  12. Sharks eat doughnuts?
  13. No suits for inductees? Even Austin wore a suit!!!
  14. Crazy Steve can afford Louis Vuitton on his salary?!
  15. Impact Wrestling, you pay more for it than the WWE Network.