10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 10/22/14

Impact Wrestling 10/22/14 – Midget tag team partners, losing hall of famers, contracts, and a tag team tournament.

  1. In Impact Wrestling, we have a Chippendale dancer who is tired of being comedic relief?
  2. If you are a face and your brother is a face, there is no mystery of tag team partners.
  3. James, your Revolution is beautiful?
  4. Tyrus went from MEP to WMD and, still, no one gives a F.
  5. How to benefit a hall of famer? Drop a match.
  6. This is the first time in a while a contract signing ended well.
  7. I do wonder what wrestling on the moon would entail.
  8. MVP is the wrestling Paul Heyman, but Paul Heyman is a better hype man.
  9. Win a tournament, get fed to the wolves.
  10. I’m going to play the Gohan fights Frieza theme when Rockstar Spud wrestles.