10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 8/27/14

  1. Chris Melendez, much respect to you sir. No jokes thrown your way.
  2. Taryn, Randy Orton wants a word with you.
  3. Face comeback during matches supposed to be fast.
  4. WWE, take notes. This is tag team wrestling.
  5. Team 3D is like fine wine.
  6. Kenny King is the true pansy! First one to raise Lashley’s hand after getting spear.
  7. They couldn’t afford Muta and Sanada, so they merged the two.
  8. James Storm recruiting like he’s in a frat.
  9. If Cena was champ, he’d be in the main event.
  10. This was actually a great show, and I didn’t spend $9.99.

I’m slipping in this. I will have the next week post on time. Darn you, Impact, for moving to Wednesdays!!!!