10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 8/14/14


  1. When you’re going out, go out with a bang!
  2. Rhino better not try a gore…he’d slip out those flip flops.
  3. When a match gets a Cena chant, please note the boredom, TNA.
  4. We all know that Abyss is the only one who will take a hit with Janice.
  5. Putting X-Division in these 5,6,7-man matches is not good business, Brother.
  6. 14 years ago, Hardy Boyz/Team 3-D were tag team staple.
  7. Sanada getting stretched by a Cowboy…
  8. Popular halves of tag teams become champions.
  9. Closing in on Monday…
  10. 6 man tags…only with the 3 tag teams being Team 3D, Hardys, and Wolves. No one else can do this!