10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 7/17/14

  1. James, Ryback want his bully gimmick back.
  2. Kenny King lives in a dream world where he beats everyone.
  3. When in doubt, pull out silly string.
  4. Gauntlet matches means just that. Pin/submit and keep going, what is that top rope ish?
  5. There are no timeouts in professional wrestling.
  6. TNA pulling out all the stops…#6SidesIsBack
  7. Lashley is heel by association.
  8. The Option C concept feels like Money In The Bank.
  9. Willow transformed? Really Mike Tenay? He just pulled off a mask!
  10. Dixie, Bully hasn’t said, “Do you know who I am,” for quite some time. Do you watch your own product?

Confusion, but it is indeed a reset by TNA! Prep for it! What did you guys think of the show? Feel free  to leave comments.