10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 6/26/14

  1. Kurt Angle a boss again? WWE Smackdown anyone?
  2. MVP, Kurt can fire you.
  3. Dixie is now afraid of Bully. She can no longer contradict this.
  4. EC3 has to remind himself of his name while fighting.
  5. Tommy Dreamer learned ‘Bite.’ It was semi-effective.
  6. Gunner, you’ve been supervising Shaw this whole time. It’s just now that there’s no white room.
  7. Bobby Roode was hilarious in his confirmation that MVP was no longer the boss.
  8. The budget was cut. Roode has his old theme, or is this a confirmed face turn?
  9. James Storm goes between face and heel, depending on his sobriety.
  10. MVP is still an investor, so he has some power still.