10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 6/19/14

  1. I didn’t know that the main event was No-DQ.
  2. Kenny King, be careful. You need to start winning for the team or you will get your walking papers.
  3. Beautiful Botox always needs relevance.
  4. We’re gonna get reminded constantly that Willow is Jeff Hardy.
  5. What’s up with TNA bosses and matches?
  6. MVP channeling his inner JBL and Ric Flair with this, ‘God’ talk.
  7. “There will be no one in the building.” Those commentators, those fans, damn, that’s a lot of people.
  8. MVP had a moment. He got real pissed at that script!
  9. Hebner’s been fired more than George Bush made a bad call in the White House.
  10. Dixie really improved her character skills. She had them going.