10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 2/27/14

  1. MVP lost his debut tie.
  2. Gunner, if you know Storm hadn’t arrived, why are you looking for him backstage?
  3. Samuel Shaw, you misunderstand yourself.
  4. An asshole calling someone creepy….epic Anderson.
  5. WWE take notes. That is how you brawl backstage!
  6. Austin Aries, you’re like HBK with just the referee shirt on and trunks.
  7. MVP, put some ‘oomph’ behind those forearms. They about as weak as a Hogan chair shot.
  8. WWE gives rings, TNA gives watches.
  9. EC3, Kurt Angle standing in a ring is more dominant than your talking.
  10. Ethan, the deer in headlights look needs to stop.