10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 2/13/14

  1. Dixie just got put on Burn Notice by MVP.
  2. There was a ‘Bro’ agreement on the Tag Team Briefcase. Sounds like there was a lot of baby oil in that case.
  3. Bobby Roode went off the chain, seriously!
  4. Willow is the broken stepchild of The Wyatt Family…minus the beard.
  5. Gunner said, “I’m done with the heights.”
  6. Tenay, MVP’s previous stint in TNA was not a lengthy one.
  7. So did that 3 count matter in the Sabin match?
  8. Velvet, we could hear you apologize to Sabin while you were punching him. Why when you’re supposed to be mad?
  9. Dixie is constantly surrounded by large men screaming at her, where have the security been this whole time?
  10. Chris Park is nominated for the best storytelling in TNA this year. He was practically pulling both roles at once! WWE take notes; It’s delivery, execution, and character placement!