10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 1/16/14

  1. Magnus….is this the title run you’re expecting? Booked as the guy getting some but getting none?
  2. Out of the 12 people, Samoa Joe was the ONLY one who was told that it was a tag match. Other than that, it was a clusterf*ck.
  3. Sigh, Rockstar Spud, sell the boos once or twice, but not more than 3 times! It makes a segment longer and more wasted.
  4. Diss AJ, put over new regime. Those are the bulletpoints, but it takes 15 minutes to do it. Dixie…work on your…well, everything.
  5. So, we’re seriously saying goodbye to Sting? I mean, come on, anyone with half a brain knows that title ain’t coming off Magnus after the farce of a match he had with AJ.
  6. Let’s debut a new team..but overshadow them with a new investor storyline.
  7. Kurt showed some legit anger here. Perhaps he knows that the ship is sinking.
  8. Samuel Shaw gimmick – Shoe Smeller?
  9. There is a difference between eye candy and being treated as a piece of a**. Perhaps booking should think that in the way Velvet Sky is handled.
  10. Last of freaking all…YOU POSTPONED MATCHES?! Sorry, the free PPV theme sounds like Thursday Night Impact with a name to it. It’s not promoted as PPV quality.