1. That Batista match was so quick, Cameron had more air time.
  2. Speaking of Batista, you gassed out?! Rock had more weight and took more time to get exhausted.
  3. The WWE Universe was so warm for the Batista match that if they were any warmer, they’d pee on him.
  4. Miss Cleo could’ve predicted the ending of that Chamber match when Kane came out.
  5. Bad News Barrett’s podium needed Viagra.
  6. Hogan is back…
  7. So, will Kane be fired and become an active wrestler?
  8. Michael Cole is so pissed for Daniel Bryan, and I remember when he used to sh*t on him.
  9. The results of this match needed that little girl who was pissed when Miz won the WWE title.
  10. Sheamus, you were Goldberg tonight, kicking the glass down.