32 and 64: The Difference

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Sixty four bit computing, has been around since the beginning of computing, but it wasn’t in the mainstream consumer marketplace until just a few years ago, while AMD announced AMD64 almost adecade ago. Getting the rest of the market to join up was aided by Intel’s own implementation called Intel® 64. From there, you needed an operating system that supported the technology and applications that were compatible to take advantage of it. Before Windows® Vista and OS X 10.6, that was hard to come by. You’ve probably seen that Windows® 7 comes in 32 and 64-bit version and wondered what the difference is.  Even now, I’m still surprised at how long it’s taken to convert everyone over.

Tech News – Unknown Error in Windows Mail

You know when you work on something for 30 minutes and your boss figures it out in 2. He just says, “I’m Awesome!”

“If you run into a problem with Windows Mail in Vista where a message is stuck in the Outbox, won’t send, and returns an unknown error when trying to delete…WMUTIL is the answer.  This tool gives you the ability to clear the outbox with push of a single button.  It also allows you to repair the Mail database.  It saved me a lot of time today, and maybe this information will help you as well.”

RoW – Forbes: Is Microsoft Better Off Without Gates?

“For Microsoft the loss of Gates won’t be nearly as profound. Gates narrowed his involvement at the company eight years ago when he gave the chief executive job to his college buddy and right-hand man Steve Ballmer. The reality of the last few years is that Gates has been mentally checked out, pursuing loftier goals at his foundation.”
The Vistaster of Microsoft….

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