Paying Respects

Death is a tragic thing that affects those who are gone and who are still here. It’s very tragic but no one is safe from it.  Not even the young. Inspired by Lil Wayne’s song, I’m Me, here’s my R.I.P Contribution.

I take this time to pay my respects
To the peeps I lost in this game, I regret
J. Toney, my homeboy, always cool, always chill
True to yourself, respect is what I feel
Can’t believe you’re gone, can’t believe I don’t see
You had so much more to be done in life, can’t you see
We all sittin in shock, wonderin why you’re gone
We all standin on our feet, we tryin to be strong
Cuz to some people you were a friend, to others you were a bro
To women you were a gent, they hate to see you go
We hate seein ya profile, with all the RIP
We wanna see you bro, we wanna see J.T
But we know we can’t so all we can do is this
We let the world know how much you’ll be missed
RIP Justin Toney, go ahead and get your rest
You’re in a better place, nah, you’re in the best

Too Smooth Dozier, your memory stands strong
Another bro that I can’t believe is truly gone
Much respect to ya man, you rep it for the fun
Shout out to the bros over at Nu Upsilon
Ju was a great Alpha, always cool always respected
Smooth ice, calming persona, always collected
Rodney Lockhart, you ran for Ole Miss, ran for life
Hate you’re not around in this run of life
Track hasn’t been the same without ya man
This campus hasn’t been the same, we just bein fans
Unfortunate events took all 3 of you away
Only physical, your memories live on always
Rest in peace to ya boys, dedication to your rest
You’re all in the place we know as the best

RIP Justin Toney

RIP Julius Dozier

RIP Rodney Lockhart

Say No to Toolbars (Searchbars, Assistants, or Whatever They’re Called)


Honestly if your browser looks anything like ths one, it’s truly infested with spyware. Honestly, toolbars are really unnecessary, as the newest Internet Explorer integrates the search tool into its browser. Mozilla and Opera do the same thing, which can be downloaded by clicking here as well. Alexa, MySearch,, and even companies like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! offer toolbars. They are useless pieces of software which cripple the average browser, making it slow and unresponsive.

So what’s the moral??




Drafts are done!

A lot of the things you guys have read was written from the 25 to the 29th of December.  More or less, a predated idea to compensate for a long rant about random topics. The topics were picked earlier in the year and were left unfinished. So, I finished them with new ideas in mind because I did nto know what I was thinking at those particular moments.

RIP to the BS evolved a lot from its beginning. It started as me a little ticked off and wanting to express myself in anger. That was in April. When I finished, it was a controlled product with poetry.

New Poem – No Regret (I Don’t Regret) came from a untitled poem when I was listening to Rev Theory’s song, Voices. Interesting concept, but I did not want to confuse myself or anyone else with it, so I kept it short.

Random Thoughts – To be Focused came from my notion of being focused with everything. Also, Kurt Angle’s wrestling theme added a few ideas.

These 3 were key drafts, the others were either old drafts from already published posts or things that were too predated to write new ideas on. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the work and as always, subscribe to the RSS feeds and keep your pen ready to write down YOUR ideas as well. You never know who will find them interesting.