Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare Trailer – Power Changes Everything

Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare Trailer – Power Changes Everything

People don’t want freedom….

Sledgehammer tries its full hand at the Call of Duty franchise this November. Some of you may recognize the name. This group helped IWnfinity Ward with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Now that they are in the rotation, wonder how this game will turn out.


iPhone 5 – New Features REVEALED!!!!

-image courtesy of engadget

The new iPhone from Apple made entirely of glass and aluminum looks exactly like it has looked in many leaked images.

  • 20% lighter than the 4s
  • 18% thinner than the 4s
  • 44% more color saturation
  • Retina display 326px per inch (same as old), but with a 4-inch display at 1136×640 resolution
  • new iOS6
  • Apps redone to match new display
  • current apps will not be stretched or scaled. Rather, they will have black boarders
  • also, LTE with its Ultrafast Wireless
  • 2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics
  • 225 standby, 40 music, 10 video, 10 wifi, 8 LTE browsing, 3G browsing, 3G talk time hours (no 4G batter life?!)
  • 8mp sensor, 3264×2248, five-element lens, Hybrid IR filter (from the 4s)
  • DYNAMIC LOW LIGHT MODE, precision lens alignment
  • Built-in Panorama Mode
  • 1080p HD, improved video stabilization
  • FaceTime HD Camera, 720p, Backside illumination, FaceTime over cellular
  • 3 microphones, one at the back, front, and bottom
  • yes…Siri is still garbage.
  • new, smaller charger (80% smaller)
  • new Apple Maps

credit to for the information.


These links will be available later today following the live keynote – Live Blog

Modern Warfare 3 – 3 Hours of Fun

I made a quick run at this, and it was worth every penny. In Oxford, MS, over 400 copies were given to prepaid customers and I was number 96…not bad i guess. Anyway, to the gameplay!

Team Deathmatch

On the 360, look for ‘losevolution.’ I’m somewhat average, with a .7 K/D ratio and rocking a suppressed SCAR with Slight of Hand Pro. Not bad for 3 hours, but I am definitely aiming to get better. I’m playing with a few guys on the Xbox 360, using the [GaYF] clantag. I’ll also be on the PS3, rocking the [SAND] clan tag soon.

Honestly, I haven’t observed the other modes yet, but I am working on it. The SpecOps will definitely be the next target.

So, who else has tried this game?