Bungie’s Destiny Green Lights Day before Release

Bungie’s Destiny Green Lights Day before Release

The launch servers are go — a day before the game’s formal launch date, as promised.

Destiny servers will admit Guardians as soon as it is September 9th somewhere in the world. When you play is between you and your retailer.
(@Bungie) August 24, 2014

Beta Experience

I played the beta of Destinyand have the full release on pre-order, so consider this the last game I purchase for the Xbox 360 (another blog for another day.) Today marks a big day for FPS fans, Bungie fans, Halo fans, and people looking for a way out of COD: Ghosts.

When I played the beta, I was truly hooked on the environment and the game play. I even attempted to kill thehighly leveled enemies that can one-shot you to death. It was just that fun. I imagine the full game will keep me up for the next few hours after midnight with the hype. Call of Duty would only keep me going for a couple of hours, so we’ll see what Destiny does.

Time Magazine has posted a guide entitled:Destiny Launch Guide: 16 Facts to Get You Ready for the Game.

Definitely give it a read.

Perhaps AOALosEvolution will not be a Warlock this time. We’ll see what class I use soon.

EVOTECH – Ultra Street Fighter 4 Released

EVOTECH – Ultra Street Fighter 4 Released

Capcom decided to brush off the software box and make some large and subtle changes to Super Street Fighter 4 on yesterday.

Look atthis complete changelogbetween Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 Edition and Ultra. Its massive and covers everything from core gameplay to the subtle changes between each character.

For me, my main is Ken and I’m going to pick my secondary in either Akuma or Gouken. Below are the changes for these 3. See the Changelog link above for the full listings.


– Movement speed slightly increased.
– Close standing medium kick has had its downward hitbox increased, and is now easier to hit crouching opponents with.
– Crouching medium kick recovery has been reduced from 16 frames to 13 frames. Hitstun changed to +2 frames from -1 frame. Blockstun changed to -1 frame from -4 frames.
– Crouching heavy kick startup changed to 7 frames from 8 frames. Recovery changed to 19 frames from 21 frames.
– Lightning Kick (Forward + Heavy Kick) changed to 0 frames on block, from -1 frame.
– Light, Medium and Heavy Fireball damage increased to 70 from 60.
– EX Fireball damage increased to 50+50, from 50+40.
– Medium Shoryuken now launches on the first hit.
– Heavy Shoryuken can no longer be FADC’d on second hit if the opponent blocks it, damage increased from 70*40*30 to 70*50*30
– Light, Medium and Heavy Shoryuken are all now -5 frames on block when FADC’d into a forward dash.
– Heavy Hurricane Kick now has 6 frames startup instead of 7 frames.
– Light, Medium and Heavy Airborne Hurricane Kick trajectory changed when done while jump is heading upwards.
– EX Airborne Hurricane Kick trajectory changed.
– Shinryuken (Ultra 1) non-animation damage increased by 60.
– Guren Senpukyaku (Ultra 2) has slightly better range when activated.


– Close standing medium kick now forces enemy to stand on hit. It now has 4 frames startup instead of 5. It now has a larger hitbox downwards.
– Crouching heavy kick can no longer be canceled into Raging Demon.
– Light, Medium, Heavy and EX Back Jump Hadouken now each have 2 frames more recovery.
– During Hyakkishu (Demon Flip) you can now use EX Hadouken, similar to how EX Hyakkishu has been since previous versions. – Medium Gosoryuken can no longer be Focus canceled on second hit during block.
– Heavy Goshoryuken can no longer be Focus canceled on second or third hit during block. Now has 5 frames of invincibility instead of 6.
– Light, Medium, Heavy Goshoryuken -> FADC -> Forward dash is now -5 frames.


– Far standing light kick is now special, super, focus and red focus cancelable.
– Crouching light punch now has 3 frame startup instead of 4 frames.
– Crouching medium punch is now +3 frames on hit instead of +1.
– Back throw can now be properly teched (this apparently fixes the late teching thing you had to do with Gouken’s throw to properly tech it)
– Kongoshin (Counter) is no longer activated by the back+forward+back motion.
– Hyakki Gosai now does 160 stun instead of 200.
– Light Senku Goshoha (Running Palm) now has a slightly bigger forward hitbox.
– EX Tatsumaki Gorasen (Hurricane Kick) now has 5 frames startup instead of 7. It is now invincible during frames 1-6 instead of 1-8. Hitbox has been increased downwards and forwards.

As you can see, there are a lot of changes! Check the full log!

Here are the scores as they come.



Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare Trailer – Power Changes Everything

Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare Trailer – Power Changes Everything

People don’t want freedom….

Sledgehammer tries its full hand at the Call of Duty franchise this November. Some of you may recognize the name. This group helped IWnfinity Ward with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Now that they are in the rotation, wonder how this game will turn out.