Curtain Call

There are times where one feels the wall closing in, putting an end to his cause
A point in his life where he want a remote so he can push pause
To see himself as a true person, serious and not played
This story is a final vision, Curtain Call for a Renegade
A point where one lone soul looks at the crowd
From a stage, one where he acted so proud
The final act is truly here, as he lifts his head and sigh
“I’m finally done” is what he uttered with a cry
The crowed does not applaud, boo, or mock
As the tears flow from his eyes, they are in shock
Because one man has fought for years to change his life
Busting his ass day and night
Living through all the strife
He has lived strong, from beginning to end
Body lay broken, can time truly mend?
Mend this body and heart from its unfortunate downfall
Or will he lay there…..since it’s a true Curtain Call?