Final Evolution

Good cannot live without evil, for humans this is true
To realize that I was human was the fact that I had to make true
I kept telling myself I can live without my rage
To live alone, like some old lonely sage
To not accept my faults is to not accept myself
If only I had someone to tell how I felt
What I thought was Evolution began to dissolve at my feet
At this point, my end was all that I could meet
I call myself Los, one of knowledge and power
Who I used to be is C-Los, one of anger in its darkest hour
Angry and arrogant, but intelligent in his own
I knew that though he was a weakness, I can still stay strong
Sickened and weary, I accepted an offter that was crazy
To combine the old and the new? Well… maybe
When I said yes, everything became clear
The light I seeked began to become near
Near to my heart is an aspect of my past
A desire to do good, but the means to do bad
Another evolution, one I cannot take any further
Evolution is now complete, one way or the other