If I Lose

If I lose at life, I look at the board
Pick up the pieces, not gonna pull the cord
On the life I live, I can make the ends meet
One step a time, milli, centi, inch, feet
It ain’t nothing but a test, a time to show the rest
That the best is here, not a fuckin court jest
But the ghost remains, reminding me of my past
Right now, fuck that ghost, put his ass on blast
Tired of feeling down about how things went down
Gotta realize the world still spins without a sound
Can’t stop the world, but I can damn sure spend time
Making changes if need to be, and get on my grind
Cuz my grind is the point where I feel at my prime
Cuz I hit the books, work, and spit rhymes
And I still hit the iron, and once I’m in it
The zone is on, and I’m gonna win it
So game’s over, broadcasting coast to coast
At this point, mentally, Los has now gone ghost
To change the things that needs changing
Tired of moaning, now it’s time to be maintaining
The game will change, once you hear the name
Of Carlos Maury, the game will not be the same.