Intro (Defining the Definition)

Ever had a moment that you need a reason
A reason to rip every beat or sometime just tease it
Because now I got a reason, cuz fuckers pissed me off
To the point that all I wanna do is pull a sawed off
And pop one, pop two, pop three, pop four
Stop, recock the gun, and pop some more
Guarantee I hit em up, guarantee I lay em down
Guarantee I’ll act a fool in this small ass town
But the conscience in me telling me to mend
These Loose ends, but why I wanna do it again
Why I wanna go in, why to stop and sin
Why put a triple on that which was a twin
I need to define my definition, keep a name mentioned
Loose Ends III: Define my Definition
10 tracks strong, I do it for the best
Time to walk it right, and say to hell with the rest