Ain’t a Question (BITW Remix)

Everybody remember a time when it wasn’t a question
That I ripped the game up like it needed protection
I busted more rhymes, made lyrics a collection
I wrote and rhymed harder than the hardest erection
To my style, my flow, my game, homie, it’s an infection
An addiction to the game, I believe people be testin
To see if I can flow in beat or if I change
The word after the rhyme or can I rearrange
My thoughts, my patterns in the rhyme will change
I shine my rhymes up like you shinin a pearl
2nd best? Hell naw, I’m the Best in the World
Get it right, see it right, yeah, it’s what you heard
Poetic is my niche, but put a mic to the face I spit
Fire and rhymes, my heart I commit
To the lyrics of the game, rhyming insane
To stay off the cycle, flow off the chain

-inspired by T.I. – The One